Join the brand new
House of Suntory Dojo Programme

A series of workshops providing unique insights into the artistry, techniques and culture of bartending in Japan hosted by legendary Hisashi Kishi of Star Bar Ginza
Hidetsugu Ueno of Bar High Five

The Senpai Society -

  • The elite top tier of the DOJO programme, in which 20 of the London’s finest bartenders have been handpicked to participate in a six-month intensive training programme in Japanese Bar Technique.

The Dojo Academy -

  • The focal point of the DOJO, wherein 90 bartenders from across the UK will have the chance to attend two unrivalled masterclasses with Ueno San and Kishi San in March and September respectively.

The Dojo Tour -

  • The immersive training experience covering ice carving, umami and Japanese bartending techniques, available across the UK’s most exciting cities and hosted by UK Brand Ambassador James Bowker.